Scrappy isn't possible without our generous donors. Our mission revolves around providing quality theatre to the public, and making it free for them to enjoy. We also recognize the worth in talent of our wonderful artists, so every dime we receive that doesn't get used toward producing the show, goes back to our actors and admin team.

Please help us make Scrappy a permanent fixture within the Carolinas as well as help us grow our audience toward the Southeast and beyond! We've partnered with the awesome folks at the Spartanburg County Foundation to set up our own Scrappy Fund! This makes it easy for anyone to donate and become one of our coveted Scrappy Backers. Click the link to read more about the great work they do for the community.


Just click the donate link below to be directed to the SCF online donation page. Then type "Scrappy Shakespeare" within the search bar to start your patronage process! Once completed you'll be inducted into our hall of Scrappy Backers and sponsors! YAY!

Thanks in advance! And stay scrappy ;)

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